KAELTIA’s scientists have a wealth of experience in the registration of plant protection products within European (Directive 91/414 and Regulation 1107/2009) and National frameworks in Europe and overseas, being involved in all aspect of the pesticide registration and support such as:
– Data gap analysis and preliminary risk assessments.
– Preparation of EU active substance and product dossiers (Annex II dossier and draft Registration Reports – zonal authorisation).
– Technical equivalence dossier for new active substance source.
– Toxicological, environmental and consumer risk assessments.
– Development of rationales for study waivers and expert statements where possible.
– Preparation of EU mutual recognition applications.
– Preparation of dossiers for National registration in Europe (during the transitional period) and overseas
– Study commissioning and monitoring.
– Task Force or Consortia coordination.
– Liaison with the Authorities.
– Follow-up of the registration process.
– Basic substances.