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Biocides Symposium 2017 – Barcelona, Spain

Biocides Symposium 2017 – Barcelona, Spain

The last Biocides Symposium organised by Chemical Watch in Barcelona focused on the most updated information about different authorisation processes of biocidal products and active substances within the Biocidal Product Regulation (EU) No 528/2012. In addition, different national schemes that apply under the transitional rules were also discussed by some EU countries’ representativesfrom Spain, Greece, Poland, Croatia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as the Turkey’s authorisation procedure.

From the discussionshold at the Symposium, we would like to point out the following:

  • The EU Commission’s representative pointed out that, despite several Public Consultations have been launched asking for alternatives under the Comparative Risk assessment procedures, not much relevant information has been received up to date, which makes the assessment be more difficult.
  • The EU Commission’s representative also mentioned that although it is possible that the Review Programme’s deadline by 2024 will not be met, they expect to be closed to it.
  • Regarding the Union Authorisation, ECHA’s representative informed that the first Union Authorisationwill be probably granted by the first half of 2018. In addition, he mentioned that there is still some need for discussion at the Working Group to agree on the SPC translation in all Languages as well as on how to deal with Member States’ disagreements.
  • KEMI’s representative summarised the current situation of the treated articles in Sweden, after performing a market survey, where she pointed out that there is a clear lack of information in the market of treated articles. In addition, she also emphasized the different interpretation between Member States at this regard.
  • The EU Commission’s representative informed that the Biocides Delegated Act for Endocrine Disruptors will be published hopefully in June 2017 (only if a majority is achieved at voting).
  • ANSES’ representative pointed out that where resistance to the active substance can be expected, the Applicant for a Biocidal Product Authorisation must propose appropriate Risk Mitigation Measures as well as monitoring strategies.

We would to congratulate to the expert speakers for the presentations.

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