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Call of interest to join the EU registration groups for Biocidal Products

Call of interest to join the EU registration groups for Biocidal Products

New approval of biocidal active substances in Europe

The following active substances have been evaluated and have been proposed for approval for use in biocidal products placed on the EU market:

  • Silicon dioxide Kieselguhr for product type 18;
  • Pyrogenic, synthetic amorphous, nano, surface treated silicon dioxide for product type 18; and
  • Dichlofluanid for product type 21.

The approval date will enter into force by 1 november 2018 and therefore, Biocidal Products containing these active substances will, therefore, need to obtain EU BPR authorisation if they are to remain on the market.


Biocide Dossier submission deadline:1 November 2018

If you are interested in supporting Biocidal Products based on any of these active substances, please express your interest in the IT System developed by KAELTIA (KBC System). This Consortia System has been designed to help your company to find other co-registrants in Europe to support similar products where, with a lower investment, you and the other members of the registration group will be allowed to continue in the EU market with these products.

Please be aware that the submission deadline for the EU registration dossier is 1 November 2018, so although there is still time to act, it is getting late.

Therefore, if any of your products are affected by this registration deadline and you intend to support them under the EU Biocide Regulation, we invite you to join forces at KBC System. On the other hand, if you wish to market a new product in Europe based on these substances, please take into account the approved Product Types above, and also express your interest in the IT System.

If no application for product authorisation is made to support current national registrations/notifications in Europe by 1 November 2018, the biocidal product shall no longer be made available on these markets after 30 April 2019. In addition, disposal and use of existing stocks of the biocidal product may only continue until 1 November 2019.

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