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Call of interest to join the PT2 Painting Products Consortia

Call of interest to join the PT2 Painting Products Consortia

Painting Products used to modify the surfaces that are treated in the sense to protect them from the development of undesired microorganisms, come under the Biocidal Product Regulation (BPR).

Depending on the active substances present in the Biocidal Products, whether they are still under EU revision or they are approved, different procedures need to be followed before entering the EU market.

If the active substances are currently being reviewed as a biocide active substance in the EU and no tentative date for approval is known now, Biocidal product Paints containing these substances fall under the transitional measures of the BPR. Therefore, to sell such a product in any EU country, marketing companies need to comply with the national rules before entering the market.

If the active substances are approved, a BPR Dossier common to All Members States needs to be prepared and submitted for evaluation prior to market the products in the EU. After the approval in one EU country, Mutual Recognition applications can be then submitted to the others to expand the market.

KÆLTIA is creating Consortia for these PT2 Paint Products in order to save costs to the Members either in their national compliance actions (data sharing for requested efficacy, storage stability studies,…) as well as in the BPR dossiers. These Dossiers will be structured in Biocidal Product Families in order to support all the products from the Members, allowing them to have a wide portfolio of PT2 Paint Products in the EU market.

If you are interested in supporting these PT2 Products, please express your interest in the IT System developed by KÆLTIA (KBC System, that was designed to help you to find partners in Europe to support similar products at a lower cost. If you prefer instead, you can send us ( an email and we will enter your data in the KBC System. The use of the KBC System is free of charge.

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