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Deficiencies in the pest control sector in Spain

Deficiencies in the pest control sector in Spain

The environmental health sector is essential in any economy, as long as it is dedicated to guaranteeing optimal hygienic-sanitary conditions in public spaces, as well as managing urban pests. Likewise, in the last year, the sector has seen its relevance as one of the protagonists in the fight against the coronavirus.

ANECPLA, a Pest Control Association of which Kaeltia is a member, which is actively fighting for an improvement in the sector, considers that:

  • The sector must be regulated by providing it with its own activity classification code that allows the profession to be regulated in a uniform manner, as well as giving it visibility with the Administrations and Society and allowing employment to be promoted.
  • Greater control is necessary by the Administrations of those products that do not comply with the legal requirements for their use and commercialization, as well as a greater control of those companies that do not legally comply with the qualified pest control service, which during the two past years have made unfair intrusiveness in the sector.

This environmental health sector needs to be duly recognized with the indubitable value it has for the Society and we hope it will be soon.

Thank you very much to ANECPLA for all the work they are doing to achieve these objectives.

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