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E-BIOZIDE SOLUTION developed by the Austrian Competent Authority

E-BIOZIDE SOLUTION developed by the Austrian Competent Authority

An IT System named e-BIOZIDE is currently being developed by the Austrian Competent Authority (CA) on biocides, Ministerium Für Ein Lebenswertes Österreich. This IT System was initially created with the intention to collect data on biocidal product quantities that are available on the Austrian market as up to now Austria do not collect any data at this regard.

In Europe, there is standard format for reporting such information to the Biocide CA, as different Member States apply their internal procedures.

This e-BIOZIDE Solution will offer the possibility to electronically report annually to the Biocide CA the quantity of biocidal products that are available in the Austrian market. It is expected that this IT System will not only make automated assessments of this information but also offer support to the CA on the biocidal product authorisation process by creating authorisation documents and SPC in Word format according to the official template from ECHA.

The information recorded in this System such as precise tonnage of the biocidal products will be considered confidential.

The data collected with this System will be used by the Biocide CA in Austria to predict possible resistance to some active substances, to support research and development strategies in science and industry, to develop strategies for control and enforcement activities, amongst others.

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