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Food Contact Materials Compliance

Food Contact Materials Compliance

In Europe, Food Contact Materials, including plastic materials, cellulose film, ceramics amongst others, need to be in compliance with the general safety rules as stipulated in the Framework Regulation EU No. 1935/2004.

Each company that either manufactures and/or sells food contact materials has the responsibility to demonstrate compliance with the specific rules applicable to the materials, specific substances and articles that are intended to come into contact with food during all stages of production and distribution. All the necessary documentation must be available on request to Authorities, so you need to be sure that the information that you have gathered for all your materials is suitable to comply with the legislation that applies in each EU country.

In addition, manufacturers of these materials must comply with the Good Manufacturing practice as established in the Regulation 2023/2006/EC.

KAELTIA experts provide support to the industry on this matter. Therefore, if you need our assistance please contact us and we will help you:

  • To identify the materials, substances and articles you use
  • To determine the specific regulations
  • To monitor the necessary testing
  • To perform the necessary toxicological risk assessments

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