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Have you missed Biocides September 2016 deadline?

Have you missed Biocides September 2016 deadline?

What happens after 1 September 2016?

Products affected by this deadline are:

Treated articles

Treated articles defined as mixture (such as a paint) or articles (such as a sofa) that have been treated with an active substance or articles that intentionally incorporate a biocidal product where the active substance is not in the EU approval process can only stay on the market until 1 March 2017. However, if your company develop a new active substance, you can apply for its approval at any time, by submitting the proper EU dossier and considering that your company will not be able to place this article treated with the active substance on the EU market until a dossier on this new active substance is submitted for evaluation.

New existing (redefined) active substances

These active substances are those used in the formulation of biocidal products that were outside the scope under the previous directive but now fall within the scope of the Biocidal Products Regulation. If an application for inclusion in the review programme has not been made by the deadline, the biocidal product may only be placed on the EU market until 1 September 2017.

These active substances are:

  • Active substances in food contact materials for surface action (such as antimicrobial substances used on plastic chopping boards)
  • In situ generated active substances with precursors that were not in the scope of the directive because they were not placed on the market, or because no claim was made that these precursors could be used for a biocidal purpose (such as ozone generated from oxygen from the air)

The obligation applies only to active substances that were available on the EU market or used in biocidal products on 1 September 2013 when the Biocidal Products Regulation entered into application.

If you are not sure whether your product is affected by this deadline, please contact us and we will be pleased to help you.

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