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In situ generated active substances – September 2017 deadline

In situ generated active substances – September 2017 deadline

In situ generated biocidal active substances are active substances generated from one or more precursors at the place of use. Until now, active substance evaluation has not consistently considered both the precursors and the generated active substance, so active substances generated in situ have been redefined to specify the precursors from which the active substance is generated.

Several in situ generated active substances/product type combinations were not supported under the review programme, so thecompanies that import, manufacture and/or market this products in Europe should have notified ECHA to have their precursor-active substance system included in the review programme in order to be able to continue using it in Europe (Article 93 BPR provisions). The deadline for this application was September 2016. See a previous Post on this matter.

If the application for approval of the active substance for the relevant product-type has not been submitted in accordance with Article 93 of the BPR by September 2016, biocidal products must be removed from the market by 1 September 2017.

For new systems, the active substance will first need to be approved and the biocidal product authorised before such new systems can be made available on the market. Applications can be submitted at any time.

Please contact us for further information and assistance on this matter, we will be pleased to help you.

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