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Kaeltia’s corporate social responsibility

Kaeltia’s corporate social responsibility

Kæltia is a company committed to economic, social and environmental development, promoting a Corporate Social Responsibility based on the transparency of our management systems and the implementation of social and environmental programs. Our CSR includes actions of collaboration with associations, foundations and NGOs, as well as individual actions. In this way, Kæltia act for the benefit of human rights, the society and the environment. We are a small company, but we can do big things.

The sphere of action to manage the social, economic and environmental impact comprises the following areas:

  • Good government and transparency
  • Human Resources
  • Environment
  • Community

Kæltia wants to assume the impact generated on the society by it, maximising the positive aspects and minimising the negative ones. We also wish getting involved with the society and transmit the values of the company to the society.

In the area of the good government and transparency, the practices oriented to a good decision making inside the company are included, having into account the interests of the whole organization and the society. Its main characteristic is the compliance with the law and the common consensus to take decisions, with responsibility, efficiency, transparency and participation.

The Human Resources field encompasses practices like Human Resources Politics (Steady job and quality employment), training, complaints and suggestions Policy, the Equality Plan, flexible schedule, intensive working in summer and free Friday’s afternoon.

The Equality Plan looks after the equality between women and men in the company.

Talking about the environment, Kæltia has three policies: Fighting for a world eco friendly and responsible with the environment, recycling waste and the collaboration with an animal shelter.

Finally, the last area is the community, where Kæltia would like to create a positive impact. To get this goal, we have some practices that include collaboration with Médicos sin Fronteras or periodic donations to the “Banco de Alimentos de Asturias”.

These measures create the Kæltia’s Corporate Social Responsibility Plan. For a supportive, fair, sustainable and healthy Earth.

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