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Keeping medicines safe

Keeping medicines safe

How EMA monitors medicines once they are on the market

After its authorization a medicine is used by many patients, often together with other medicines. After some time, certain side effects may emerge that have not previously been identified because no medicine is a 100% safe. It is therefore essential that the safety of all medicines is continuously monitored throughout their use in healthcare practice.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) protects patients by making sure that medicines are safe and workin the European Union and the European Economic Area. They evaluate new medicines before they can appear in pharmacies and continues to monitor them while they are on the market. Data on possible side effects collected from new clinical studies, scientific publications and reports from doctors, pharmacists and patients are analyzed by the Europe’s best experts in medicine safety.

If EMA concludes that a medicine has different risks than previously identified, they may recommend a range of actions to protect public and animal health -ranging from restricting the medicine’s use to taking it off the market.

The Agency constantly manages medicines on the market to help us choose the best treatment and give us peace of mind about our medication.

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