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NUTRISCORE: The new food labelling

NUTRISCORE: The new food labelling

This new way of labelling food products pretends to make it easier to choose the healthiest food in the supermarket. For this, the products will be evaluated according to their composition (the amount of sugar, fibre and other substances that affect our health). Based on this, they will be classified with a letter and a colour from A to E and from green to dark orange, being an E-dark orange product no healthy. Furthermore, this label will be at the front of the product, in order to make it more visible. It is calledFront-of-Pack (FOP)

The scoring system works as indicated by EFAD: the points are assigned according to the nutrients per 100g of food. In this way, the quality of each food is evaluated according to the scientific evidence.

The FOP is used in France with excellent results since last year and, in Canada, it has been showing efficiency and satisfaction among consumers since several years.

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