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Outstanding topics discussed at Biocides Europe in Vienna

Outstanding topics discussed at Biocides Europe in Vienna

Please see below some of the outstanding topics discussed at the Annual Biocide Conference that took place last week:

  • ECHA Tools:New functionalities are available at ECHA website for the dissemination of data for the active substances and authorised products.
  • Substance candidate to substitution:The EU Commission representative highlighted the urgent necessity to find alternatives for the control of the following organisms: rodents, mosquitos, fouling on boats and in-can preservatives.
  • Endocrine Disruptor properties for co-formulants:A new implementation guide is being developed for the evaluation of ED properties on co-formulants. Biocide legislation only refers to Substances of Concern when talking about non-active substances, so it is expected that the evaluating Authorities will look into this assessment in a pragmatic way.
  • Biocidal Product Family (BPF):It has been highly recommended to simplify BPF’s applications in order to avoid having to split the Family later and pay additional and unexpected fees.
  • In-situ generated active substances: Devices need to be described but they will not be assessed.
  • Technical Equivalence (TE) application for new active substances’ source:Regarding the submission of TE application since the date where the reference source has been approved, timelines to submit the application and get the approval are too tight if the approval needs to be granted before the submission of the related Biocidal Product application.
  • BREXIT: Important topics were discussed such as that active substance’s data would need to be submitted again to HSE for approval, no mandatory data sharing would apply, huge delays would be expected for goods on borders and HSE may require payment of fees for transference of their role as evaluators to other MS’s.

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