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Ozone System Generator – Marketing requirements need to be fulfilled

Ozone System Generator – Marketing requirements need to be fulfilled

Ozone generated “in situ” as an active substance is covered by the Review Programme and it is being evaluated by Germany and The Netherlands, but no draft evaluation report has been submitted yet. Ozone is being revised for the following biocidal product types:

  • PT2: Disinfectants and algaecides not intended for direct application to humans or animals
  • PT4: Food and feed area.
  • PT5: Drinking water.
  • PT11: Preservatives for liquid-cooling and processing systems.

On the other hand, “pure ozone” has no harmonised classification in the ECHA Classification and Labelling Inventory, so there is no entry that classifies this substance. The hazardousness to health of the Ozone will be determined by the concentration of Ozone applied. There are different exposure limits depending on the organism being consulted (OMS, EPA…). This different values have the object of keeping exposure levels low to ensure a high level of protection.

Ozone generated on site is obtained from 3 possible precursors: pure oxygen, ambient air or water. As it is under the Review Program, manufacturers of the generating systems/equipment, in order to be able to market them in some EU countries during the transitional period, must notify to the Ministry of Health the system/equipment (the precursors or the ozone do not have to be notified). This happens for example in Spain. Other requirements apply in other EU countries.

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