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The future of medicated feed

The future of medicated feed

A proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the council on the manufacture, placing on the market and use of medicated feed and repealing Council directive 90/167/CEE was presented by the European Commissionin 2014 and it is now in the later stage for approval. The proposal legislation aims to regulate the manufacture, storage, transportation, commercialisation and the usage of medicated feed, including the possible manufacture in the farm for own consumption, in solid, liquid or a mixture of both.

It is required to stablish the technical conditions in the facilities where the medicated feed are manufactured, to warrant and demonstrate a uniform distribution and stability in the feed, as well as to minimise the cross contamination and the unavoidable carry-over of veterinary drugs residues.

With respect to this new regulation, it is necessary that operators review and update its facilities, processes, work procedures and self-monitoring results so that they can take measures that will ensure responsible for rules compliance. The process has to be reviewed and verified by an Authority’s Control. The aim is to fight jointly to continue with the treatment of animal diseases through the feed, but always with the maximum guarantee and within the framework of food safety.

As feed is another way to administrate a veterinary drug, it is proposed that this Regulation should be restrictive but at the same level as for the other routes of administration. In this sense, under the Netherlands Presidency, for the European Agency of Medicines, they are now working on a joint approach to ensure consistency between the regulatory proposals for medicated feed and veterinary drugs, which allow them to legislate in a coherent way.

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