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When the Packaging Waste Prevention Plan is required?

When the Packaging Waste Prevention Plan is required?

Packaging companies or importers of packaged products are obliged to carry out a Packaging Waste Prevention Plan if their domestic, commercial and industrial containers generated over a year and placed on each EU country market exceed any of the following packaging weight thresholds, as established by National Law (in Spain the Royal Decree 782/1998 developed by Law 11/1997 on Containers and Packaging Waste), which affects:

Individual materials:
• Glass: 250 tons
• Steel: 50 tons
• Aluminium: 30 tons
• Plastic: 21 tons
• Wood: 16 tons
• Cardboard or composite materials: 14 tons

If the container has several materials and each material does not exceed the previous limits, the thresholds would be 350tons in total.

Regarding the development of this Packaging Waste Prevention Plan, please contact us for further information. There are two options to follow and we can discuss the best option for you, to join The Green Dot project and choose another alternative system, Deposit Return Scheme (DRS).

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