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Women in Leadership Conference – Noreña (Spain)

Women in Leadership Conference – Noreña (Spain)

Dr. Elisa Capellan, Managing Director of KAELTIA, has been invited by the EVADES Summer School ( to participate in the Woman in Leadership Conference that took place on the 3rd of July in Noreña (Spain).

Despite Women have the same access to high Educational Degrees, they currently do not have the same opportunities to comprise executive- and senior-level officials and managers.

According to a 2017 study by Lee Hecht Harrison, “Elevating Women in Leadership,” most organizations see this as a problem but haven’t been successful in fixing it.

Please see below the main highlights of the Conference:

  • Work/Family conciliation remains an obstacle for Woman in Leadership
  • Women needs to believe in themselves and have more confidence
  • Some Sectors such as Science and Technology used to have more Men presence, but now this is changing but it is still slow this increase
  • Education at home and at School is essential to achieve Gender Equity
  • We need Laws that regulates the Gender Equity in a practical and fair way in order to make this possible

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