Scientific consultant in regulatory affairs

We are an expert scientific consultancy firm in regulatory matters regarding the protection of human and environmental health, which transforms our extensive knowledge into value for the benefit of our clients. Our purpose is to collaborate with companies to improve their products and processes, complying with the regulations that are designated worldwide.


To be the leading European consultancy firm in regulatory matters worldwide at the service of the Chemical, Health, Agri-Food and Textile Industries.


Proximity, Honesty, Experience, Justice, Commitment and Motivation.


We advise companies

KAELTIA provides highly qualified scientific and regulatory support to the Industries in Crop Health and Protection, including biostimulants, biopesticides, adjuvants and fertilisers, as well as in the field of biocides, to preserve human/animal/environmental health; sustainability and circular economy criteria are always considered. Working together for a sustainable environment!

We develop regulatory strategies, conduct data analysis and human/environmental risk assessments, prepare regulatory dossiers, and represent our clients before Regulatory authorities. We accompany our clients through all stages of the regulatory process, from initial advice to the stage of marketing in the target country. In addition to these services, we collaborate with our clients in the transition towards more sustainable manufacturing and marketing processes, applying eco-design and circular economy criteria to their products and services.

We offer our services in all EU countries with our office located in Spain, and the USA/Canada with our office located in Miami, and in other countries in South America, Africa and Asia, all thanks to our network of collaborators.

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