Scientific consultancy in regulatory matters.



We develop analyses, regulatory strategies and assessments.

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Eco-design, circular economy, waste management.

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KAELTIA Consulting

KAELTIA Consulting is an experienced and enthusiastic consultancy firm, with a high-performance scientific team with a holistic profile that integrates knowledge of Chemistry, Biology, (Eco) Toxicology, Microbiology and Agroecology. We put our experience and knowledge at the service of companies that develop their products and services with enthusiasm and motivation, always looking for the best alternatives in terms of quality, care for the planet and compliance with legislation.

At KAELTIA we offer quality, qualified and efficient services to the Chemical, Health, Agri-Food and Textile Industries. This is what allows us to satisfactorily resolve numerous projects under a holistic philosophy and working method, which transforms knowledge into value for the benefit of our clients.

KAELTIA consulting

together designing a better world.

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