Collaboration between Kaeltia and CABI BioProtection Portal: Promoting bioProtection and sustainability in agriculture

Synergy between organisations sharing common goals often leads to significant advances in society. In this context, we are pleased to announce our collaboration with CABI BioProtection Portal, a step forward in our joint quest for a more environmentally friendly agriculture.

What is the CABI BioProtection Portal?

CABI’s BioProtection Portal is an open access tool that has revolutionised the way farmers and farm advisors deal with pests in their crops. Focused on providing information on biocontrol products and biopesticides registered in different countries, it aims to empower the farming community to identify, obtain and effectively apply natural solutions against pests. The platform, available in different formats and devices, is enriched with a comprehensive resources section for those who wish to learn more about bioprotection.

What is CABI?

CABI, an intergovernmental, non-profit organisation, is dedicated to improving lives around the world through the application of scientific knowledge to challenges in agriculture and the environment. Guided by the interests of the 49 member countries that influence its operations, CABI works with scientists in a global network of centres to provide information and practical solutions to all people. Founded under a United Nations treaty, the website is governed by equal cooperation among member countries in its governance and strategic orientation. Already active in 38 countries, it includes more than 4,000 biosecurity products covering more than 940 crops and 2,200 pests.

Why use the CABI BioProtection Portal?

In the last years, the biosecurity industry has made significant advances, bringing safer and more environmentally friendly alternatives for pest control in agriculture. However, lack of information remains a barrier to widespread adoption.

Under this situation is where the CABI BioProtection Portal comes into play, closing the gap between awareness and action by providing information and establishing direct connections between producers and bioprotection manufacturers.

Who is the CABI BioProtection Portal directed to?

The website has not only become a valuable tool for producers and agricultural advisors seeking low toxicity solutions, but also for those wishing to access higher value markets such as organic products. Government regulators, private sector decision-makers, and manufacturers of biocontrol products, also look at the CABI BioProtection Portal as a vital source of information and collaboration.

Kaeltia’s Contribution to BioProtection Revolution

Through our Regulatory Affairs services, at Kaeltia Consulting we play an important role in the expansion of the CABI BioProtection Portal. By encouraging the gradual reduction of the use of the more toxic and hazardous chemicals in agriculture, we work in harmony with the vision of a future with a more environmentally friendly agricultural. Our commitment to the promotion and development of products that are more environmentally friendly and focused on promoting human health reinforces the website mission, and the global cause for biosafety.

In short, the collaboration between CABI and Kaeltia is a step forward in the bioprotection and agricultural sustainability revolution.

As Ulli Kuhlmann, CABI’s executive director overseeing the portal’s development, has said: “Collaborating with regulatory experts who support a movement towards natural pest management helps further the spirit of our mission, while providing the expertise needed to make a productive change.”

Our CEO, Elisa Capellán, also expressed our enthusiasm for the collaboration: “At KAELTIA we are committed to the environment, to the viability of our business, and to a safe and sustainable food system for all. That is why we have decided to join the CABI BioProtection Portal, who share and promote these same core values“.

These words convey the essence of a partnership that transcends borders, and unites efforts in the cause of biosafety and agricultural sustainability.

Through the CABI BioProtection Portal, access to natural solutions for pests and diseases, backed by scientific expertise and international cooperation, is democratised. Kaeltia Consulting, with its focus on regulation and commitment to sustainability, contributes to the advancement of this important cause, paving the way towards a healthier and more planet-friendly agriculture.

Together, CABI and Kaeltia are driving innovation in agriculture and respect for nature.

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