Greener Companies

There is a growing concern in our society about the problems arising from the depletion of natural resources and environmental degradation. Companies are responding to this social demand by offering “greener” products and using “cleaner” production processes.




For this reason, more and more companies are concluding that it is worth going beyond strict legal compliance and adopting pollution prevention strategies and implementing eco-design management systems, thus improving the environmental performance of their products through a proactive attitude and an innovative environment.

Innovation improves competitiveness, creates opportunities for the development of new business models, contributes to value creation and reduces environmental impact.


Potential benefits

The integration of eco-design within the company’s usual management system includes an environmental approach that seeks to reduce emissions, resource consumption, toxicity of substances, etc. whilst also reducing costs, increasing the market share and meeting client demands.

Under no circumstances will the eco-design compromise the functionality, quality, price, safety, etc… of the product; it is an investment with a short-medium term return (depending on the changes to be applied).

Potential benefits of integrating eco-design into the company’s management system:

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