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USA Certified Biostimulant ProgramThe Fertilizer Institute (TFI)

Certification for biostimulant products in the United States market is a completely voluntary program for companies wishing to obtain compliance for their biostimulant products. The program verifies compliance with the U.S. Industry Guidelines on Efficacy, Safety and Composition for biostimulant products.
The program certifies that appropriate experimental protocols have been used to test the efficacy and safety of the biostimulant product. These elements are explained in detail in the Guidelines developed by the Biostimulant Industry Working Group and published by the Biological Products Industry Alliance (BPIA) and The Fertilizer Institute (TFI).
The working group that developed the program included participation from different industry players, including large biostimulant representatives and manufacturers, small traders, laboratories and researchers.
TFI does not certify the efficacy of products, but rather the certification ensures that efficacy is demonstrated by clear and appropriate agronomic research methods. Criteria and assessments are based on appropriate documentation supporting various methods such as efficacy testing, analytical, composition and safety.
Those companies that achieve approval will be able to use the certificate seal on the label of the biostimulant product, which will translate into positive results for the company’s brand, as well as confidence for the small agricultural traders and clients.
The Certified Biostimulant program provides a number of benefits for small retailers, farmers and manufacturers
Benefits of being certified and the value it brings to the following agents in the industry:
  • Manufacturers: allows manufacturers to generate confidence through validation and compliance with safety and efficacy standards, demonstrating significant attributes through the composition of the biostimulant product.
  • Retailers or small farms: certification is an added value for small farms, allows them to have a guide when evaluating products with greater confidence, allows a correct selection of products to invest in more field trials and receive recommendations from producers.
  • Producers: allows farmers to make better decisions based on a program recognized by the industry and other producers.
Steps to obtain certification through the Fertilizer Insitute (TFI):
  1. Complete the application and provide the information requested for compliance checks. Payment of a fee, which will depend on whether the interested party is a member or not. There are renewal fees every two years.
  2. Review of TFI’s application for verification of process certification will be conducted by internal TFI experts and, as needed, by other external reviewers with agronomic or soil research experience.
  3. Obtaining the certification seal.
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